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I’ve just put up an article on the Walking Dead which you really should read, brilliant article…I mean show. Now I just need a quick rant on the movie Elysium.

What the hell is going on at the end of Elysium? So everything goes really well for everyone on earth, not so much for Max (Matt Damon) but shit happens, he’s a bit of a tool anyway…seriously if the T1000 was after Max/Matt he would be toast, ┬áso all that aside…. Worlds been saved, everyone on Elysium got the rough end of the stick but hey they had it too good for too long. Everyone on earth becomes a citizen, great, now here is my gripe. The Elysium robot “system” sends down hundreds of medical ships to earth to find and fix the population, sounds great right? Where did these ships come from????? Everyone on Elysium has a pod to repair any problems they may have had, no-one on Elysium wants to help earth, so why would they have a large resource sitting in a hanger bay???? And why the frig would anyone build them????

Don’t get me started on the way Max/Matt won……ok started! He rebooted the system which means the entire Elysium went down..Bit of back ground on where I am going, throughout the movie ships landed on the surface by coming through a field that quite obviously kept the atmosphere in….so….wouldn’t, when the system goes down, the oxygen vent straight out into space?? And secondly, the gravity generator would stop so everything that wasn’t tied down would simply woosh up into space. Lets quickly entertain the thought that the reboot happened and the systems were kick arse enough to get the field back into place quickly and the oxygen back into Elysium so that everyone could breath again. No matter how quickly this happened, surely with the brief lack of gravity and oxygen everyone would be lifted from the ground then as soon as the gravity was put back they’d be slammed back down again to the ground. There would be a shit load of bone breaks, bruises and internal injuries that surely a few of the hundreds of medical ships would be required for the citizens of Elysium!!!!! That AND my arse all the ships started! They wouldn’t have been started in over a 100 years, could you imagine them even turning over????


Apart from that, it was quite a good movie! I recommend seeing it!!

Oops. ok not so quick post.





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