The Walking Dead

How How How does something so disturbing get me so engrossed?….and grossed out?

It’s finally here, Season 4 of the Walking Dead!!!

And I’m living it again… it again…hmm odd. LOVING IT. (I like to leave some spelling errors in there if they make some odd sense) By the last season it was coming across that the producers of this show were just about trying to get more disturbing imagery so that the viewer would dream some pretty fucked up shit…yes I did start to dream about zombies a lot!!! So the end of last season couldn’t come fast enough for me! With a few months break I was ready again!!

This episode …. SPOILERS …. starts out with the prison community working well for once, there seemed harmony. BBQ, farming, stabbing zombies through a cyclone fence all the normal stuff that happens inside a prison. I was ready for some character development, alas it was not meant to be. Fairly quickly it started to rain zombies in a supermarket, a screwed up Clara tries to lure Rick to his demise and some weird shit happens within the peaceful community. That’s enough of the rap up of the episode, watch it you don’t need my inane babbling. It’s a great episode you can’t get it fast enough, if you haven’t watched Walking Dead before then I suggest you start at the beginning … how smart am I!

If you don’t want to do that, there isn’t that much to it. Rick wakes up after being shot, looks for his wife and kid, finds a world full of zombies, finds family, finds friends, ends up at a farm, farm gets screwed up, move on to prison, find other community, community not nice, they try to kill prison, prison fend off, prison happy. That’s it in a nutshell.

Now! What a lot of people don’t know about over here is the Talking Dead…No it’s not another spelling mistake! the Talking Dead is an after show wrap up hosted by Chris Hardwick. Chris hosts actors from the series, producers, directors, and other celebrities that have nothing to do with the show but just seem to want to be there. The show talks about what “could have happened”, what “has happened” and what “may happen”. Chris is a professional comedian and self proclaimed nerd, apart from that he does a great job at hosting Talking Dead and as much as I enjoy Walking Dead, the after show is nearly as enjoyable probably because it doesn’t freak the shit out of me as much.

Walking Dead and Talking Dead! Get into them Both!!!

Enjoyment rating 4 out of 5 for both.

walking dead

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