There are many and varied benefits to being a parent, whether it be playing with Lego, Video games, “kids” movies or just watching them grow…. yeah ok what ever. That being said, they all pale in comparison to being able to take them to a water park and be able to actually take them on rides. Quite honestly it doesn’t matter whether you take the kids or not I just had to make a reason up to speak about water parks.

My favorite so far. White Water World (WWW). It is the happiest place on earth. Rides vary from the Green Room, the Hydra Coaster, The Bro, The Toilet (I can’t remember what the one that drops you into a big spinney bowl is called, it looks like a giant toilet) all the rides are awesome. Apart from the blue one next to the mini toilets, that sucks arse.

That being said it is followed closely by Wet N’ Wild(WNW), in the past WNW looked like a theme park for rejected rides. All old and about as safe as the scenic railway at Luna Park! Since WWW came on board they have stepped up in a big way, and added rides like the Tornado, the Kamikaze, the Black Hole and others. If you look at the rides side by side you may think to yourself, meh they nearly look identical…well…you are right…..and wrong….

There is one thing that sets apart White Water World and makes it the best waterpark we have…..that is the lifty thing that drags your 4 person tube which weighs about the same as ¬†one of your kids!! It’s all fun and games until you take your kids along and one of them can’t go on so you are left dragging up a 5 tonne tube for a 30 second ride!!!! Not Fun!!!

White Water World have actually thought about this, they have a lift that takes the hard work out….sort of… you still have to walk up about 20,000 stairs for the day. (HINT: Put in an escalator!!!)

Now here are my tips for either park.

1. If you must take your kids, make sure they can lift their own body weight. Get them to the gym now!!!
2. Go OUT of school holidays. It’s not fun when you pay $300+ to go on a half a dozen rides.
3. In summer, take thongs that you don’t care about. Yes your feet get red raw after a day on the hot concrete.
4. Fitness is needed, so get off your arse and get on the walker! Stairs are hell tiring.
5. Please wear body appropriate swim wear….nuff said.

Most of all, don’t delay. Book your flights. It’s a bucket load of fun.

whitewater-world Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 5.02.12 PM WWW-Rides-LittleRippers-1pop

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