A night on the town with the girls.

It’s been a monumental time leading up to Christmas and beyond, functions, New Years, Christmas, Boxing Day and not to mention the other sneaky squirrel little nights out, and in, that was able to be had over time, so the decision to go out and have a night out on Australia Day Eve wasn’t an easy decision come by. Firstly there was finances. Second there was baby sitters. And third… Well third was my health, that was third because.. well… I’d just had a week and a half family holiday doing theme parks without much alcohol….

That was it. Decided. BOGAN NIGHT OUT!!!

girls night

Venue – Hallam Hotel
Time – 8:30 pm till …
Entertainment – Tribute bands of Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and INXS.
Attendees – Chris, Bec, Megan & Alissa
Fun rating – 10

The day started out relaxed… Visiting family, kids, lunch… you know… typical weekend. After leaving the kids and a bit of stuffing around Megan was picked up and a quick trip to Brother Dan’s the night was on. Throughout the next couple of hours a mixture of Champagne, Beer, UDL’s, Jagermeister and Tequila was consumed, then we left the house.


Arriving at the Hallam, we could hear in the back room the Oil’s were playing. Now I am certain that they played more than a couple of song’s, but about this time the 2 bottles of champagne, Jagermeister and beer that was just had kicked in. Pushing our way through the crowd with not just a few angry looks we made it to near the front. For the next several hours the bands belted out songs and at the top our lungs we sung (screamed) to the musical genius of Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and INXS. Songs like Bed are Burning, US Forces, Cheap Wine, Flame Tree’s, New Sensation and Devil Inside were sung with such reverence that it made angels weep.

20150125_221916_resized 20150125_221919_resized

The evening wasn’t just band music, music supply by the wheels of steel (metaphorically speaking due to the digital nature of music these days), More beers and dancing, bringing inspiration from Fred Astaire himself by swinging onto the dance floor random strangers. As the night rolled on all four individuals were pressed by the opposite sex, but all too busy in our own worlds only a few were worthy of any response and none broke into our closed little circle.


Finishing up the evening with a vague recollection of Uptown Funk playing and being kicked off the podium, followed by someone saying “It’s time to go home” which I think was one of us?? leaving the establishment the bouncer said “If you leave you can’t come back”, at this point all I could muster was a “Meh…” and after a night such as this….can you blame me?

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The trip home I don’t believe was eventful…. wait… maybe there was a point where Rebecca vomitted into Megan’s makeup purse… Did that happen??? …… Yeah it did…

Until next time folks, make sure you don’t miss out!




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