Expresso Martini

I was about to start this blog with a negative, then I thought “no, screw it” let’s look at something positive in life. The papers, television, radio, even general conversation is full of that much negativity it drives a man to drink!! My positive thought….Espresso Martini!

So simple yet so good!

What’s needed?
Shot of Kahlua (Or other coffee liquor if you are a tight arse)
Shot of Vodka?, Espresso Coffee (I used a Nespresso Machine and used a standard pod)
Coffee Beans
Martini Glass
Shot measurer

Fill Martini Glass with crushed ice then set aside?3/4 fill cocktail shaker with ice?Put a shot of espresso coffee into shaker (I used Decaffeinated Nespresso Pods, if you use anything else you’ll be awake all night!!!)? throw in a shot of Kahlua?then a shot of Vodka (I put in the vodka second because it make the shot measurer look clean)
Whack the top on the cocktail shaker and then shake the shit out of that sucker!! For about a minute I would think?
Throw the ice out of the Martini glass then put a strainer over the glass, then slowly pour the mixture into the glass through the strainer.?There should be a nice fluffy head on the drink.?Drop 3 coffee beans on the top?.



Repeat process….

expresso martini
It’s a hard life, but if anyone has to do it….May aswell be me!!

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