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I find it interesting when people ask “If you had to pick one, what would be your favourite ‘insert topic here‘ “, whether it be Car, Song, Movie or TV Show. Inevitably a discussion emerges, usually starting with  “How can you pick just one, it’s impossible. There are so many different ones depending on mood/genre/usability etc”.

Lets face it, the question itself if just an excuse to speak about something that the person is interested in as they know full well that it’s bloody impossible to pick just one movie or one car.

Because there is no motivation to keep the conversation going in this situation, I am about to list the topics and pic one from each and tell you briefly why. You don’t have to agree, actually I’d be more than disappointed and astounded if you did, my taste in a lot of things leaves a crap load to be desired.

Bypassing the usual, is it for every day driving use? sports car? off road? luxury?, on a completely self absorbed state of mind, and without any foundation for my decision as I’ve never driven one, Ferrari 458 Spider. Why?… Glad you asked. It’s pretty. And it’s a friggen Ferrari! They are awesome and did I mention they are pretty.
Ferrrari 458 Spider

Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf?It’s my happy song. Whenever I am feeling a bit down I’ll get in the car (Not a Ferrari) and Rock out to MCR! Try it, I find it hard not to smile and bob.

TV Show
Age has a lot to do with this topic. When I was 10 I would have said “V” or The A Team, growing up a bit my tastes refined a bit…. naaah just kiddin. Ok…I’m procrastinating…I’ve got to nut this out. Top 10. In no particular order. Castle, How I met your Mother, Chuck, Buffy, Star Trek, Dr Who, Big Bang Theory, Futurama, Walking Dead, Antique Roadshow (UK)….yes I know. “WTF” Love it. Can’t get enough of it. That’s my fave!! Antique Roadshow. I somewhat find it odd I like it too. Build a bridge, as stated before you don’t have to agree.

Hardest topic till last, so many genre’s…. Comedy, Sci Fi, Horror, Action, Drama, arrrggghh it’s too difficult. I’ll cheat here and split them. Now these are for pure entertainment and watch ability nothing to do with acting/directing ability.

Hot Tub Time Machine. Top movie, takes you back to the days of Better Off Dead, and I am a sucker for 80’s movies. 80’s music sucked arse balls, movies is where it’s at!!
Hot Tub Time Machine

Sci Fi
Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back. Closely followed by Star Trek (the new one) I know! Wow! Star Wars and a Star Trek fan….. is that fire falling from the sky?

Not one of my favourite genre’s being I’m a wuss and get freaked too easily. Buuuut, I’d have to say Event Horizon. Some reason I get jittery when I turn it on.
event horizon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Fantastic movie and one I’d very much like to see in 3D. Judging by the depth of 3D in other martial art films I think it would be epic!!

(I made this genre up, deal with it)
The Matrix. Watched again just recently and this is one kick arse movie.

Back to the Future. There are very few trilogies that all 3 movies are at an epic level of entertainment.

Please….Grease. How can any one choose anything different. Though closely followed by Footloose.

Wow. Hardest one yet. Predator, Rocky, Terminator 2, Die Hard, The Avengers, Thor, Point Break, Top Gun, Oblivion….nah just kidding, that sucked to the essence of it’s damning time wasting core. what else…hmm Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark…nope that loses it due to the fact they destroyed a near perfect trilogy with friggen Aliens. Whoop! That’s it!! Aliens!!!! Kick Arse movie. If you’ve seen it, you’ll agree if you haven’t go and see it and you’ll agree!!!

Thought a few honourable mentions should be in order. Star Wars – A New Hope, Constantine, Alien, The Bourne Trilogy, Blade, Serenity, Goonies, Avatar, Breakfast Club, Blood Diamond, Harry Potter Movies, Sahara, Euro Trip (Best Cameo Ever!)…to name but a few must watches.

Now to name a few embarrassing movies that the Actors, Producers and Directors should be ashamed of. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seriously WTF. Superman – Quest for Peace, Bluurk! Oblivion, (See last post) Atrocious. Star Wars Episode 1 through 3, makes me sick how bad someone could make a franchise. Shame on you George.

Ok that’s about it. That’s me signing off.